“Location/Proximity Based Contextual Content Marketing Is King”

Hyperlocal Mobile

The main problems marketers face today from a mobile perspective can be solved with Ibeacons. Companies must realize that not only “content is king” but location/proximity based contextual content is king. Ibeacons offer the ability to push contextual content from a location/proximity based filter. Marketers face problems with data that is fragmented across multiple platforms. Which inhibits fluidity and real time actions to some degree. Customer profiling and data collection of purchase history and consumer behavior are becoming ever more critical to effective campaigns. Consumers are demanding value from company’s and expect to get it on their mobile devices. Ibeacons not only provide a gateway for contextual ad service, but as more retailers adopt this tech data tagging of physical space will produce even more effective marketing campaigns.
To produce predictive marketing campaigns on a local/proximity level, marketers will need to embrace Ibeacons for data mining of said spaces. This…

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By Mother Green Bricks bd

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