Are All Muslim’s Terrorists?

Insight To a Youthful Mind


Are all Muslims terrorists?

There is a common misconception within the Western world today in their regard to Muslims. What is this misconception? This misconception is a belief that ALL Muslims are terrorists; that ALL Muslims are suicide bombers; that ALL Muslims encourage the actions of ISIS; that ALL Muslims agree with the public execution of Charlie Hebdo.

I’m here to tell you that ALL of these beliefs are wrong.

Islam comes from the route word Salaam, which means peace. The name of our very religion promotes peace. One of the fundamental aspects of our religion is peace !But, alas we are all painted with the same brush by the west. Through propaganda, movies, social media and the Internet, they have ensured that Muslims are hated, feared and regarded with suspicion everywhere they go. It is time for this to stop.

Terrorism is defined as an act of terror…

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By Mother Green Bricks bd

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